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FairVoice; Grievance Solution for the Supply Chain

What is FairVoice?

FairVoice is an all-in-one grievance handling solution that covers your company and its suppliers, including;


➔ Multiple Reporting Channels

Operational hotline, email inbox, and web form handled confidentially by experts;


➔ Case Management by Legal Professionals

Evaluation, documentation, and preliminary investigations conducted for you;


➔ Digital Dashboard

Easily access valuable data through a visualised evaluation of grievances in your supply chain;


➔ Expert Recommendations and Report

Detailed findings of the identified grievance and its potential legal implications given to you along with recommendations for preventive and remedial actions.






For more information, please visit the resources below:

➞  FAQs (Companies)

➞  Information Brochure

➞  E-Flyer

➞  Support Available for Companies


View Guidance Material for Users:

➞  General Guide [ENG] [HINDI] [TAMIL]
➞  Technical Guide [ENG] [HINDI] [TAMIL]
➞  FAQs (Users) [ENG] [HINDI] [TAMIL]
➞  Workfloor Poster [ENG] [HINDI] [TAMIL]



The Initiative is being carried out by IGCC SustainMarkets and Alliance for Integrity in collaboration with the Business Scout for Developments programme which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).​

Why FairVoice?

✔  Compliant with international standards and the new German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act,

✔  Identify grievances in the supply chain related to human rights, environmental, and business integrity issues,

✔  Receive detailed recommendations to support risk management for your company or supplier.


FairVoice aims to support responsible business and was developed in consultation with a variety of stakeholders including representatives from the private sector, organisations, and academia.

FairVoice is free of cost in its pilot stage.


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