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About IGCC SustainMarkets

As the dedicated sustainability chapter of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC), SustainMarkets empowers companies to expand and enrich their sustainable business practices. Through our services and activities, we act as a dynamic learning and exchange platform for the Indo-German business community to foster responsible conduct and inclusive growth. We aim to support the progressive evolution towards sustainability through a three-fold approach: Facilitate, Promote, and Support.


learning and dialogue on sustainability topics for the Indo-German business community while creating a link to the international development cooperation.


responsible business practices to strengthen the social impact of our member companies and reduce their environmental footprint.


ethical and sustainable business conduct by providing practical know-how while supporting efficiency and productivity

IGCC SustainMarkets supports the Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were first adopted in 2015 and consist of 17 actionable objectives that serve as a blueprint for achieving a more sustainable future. By aligning our efforts with global objectives, we strive to create a business environment where responsible practices become the norm.

IGCC SustainMarkets promotes sustainable business conduct within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals, with a core focus on seven SDGs.

SDGs in Focus:

Our Team

Indras Ghosh

Head – SustainMarkets

Roxana Hilloo

Executive – SustainMarkets

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