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Supplier Improvement Checks

Conducted in cooperation with Cargodian

Our Supplier Improvement Checks are conducted in cooperation with Cargodian to provide companies with expertise to monitor complex supply chain across vast regions in India. Our team of expert researchers and assessors conduct assessments of your business partners and capable to undertake investigation to unearth valuable insights for your business.


Our Approach

Our due diligence audit service helps you identify potential risks and develop effective risk management strategies that protect your business and reputation. By availing to our SIC services, you demonstrate your commitment to ethical and responsible business practices, contributing to a more sustainable future.

SIC is transparent, impartial, and efficient, ensuring that you receive a comprehensive report beyond the traditional audit service to provide you with a detailed overview of your organisation’s suppliers and business partners.


✓  Effectively monitor risks & develop strategies to manage them

✓  Ensure compliance across the supply chain

✓  SIC starts at INR 60,000 or EUR 1,200 net

With SIC, you will receive actionable recommendations on how to improve your business partners’ processes, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and strengthening collaboration with your suppliers.

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